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Our bar, our food, our drinks.






Classic, strong cocktails, a lively selection of local beers and the occasional Killer Zombie.

You have been warned. 

Fine Americana meets British- pub nostalgia.

We thought about saying 'Brimerican' food, but that's just silly.

We promise! There be Monsters is a neighborhood bar, first and always.

Welcome back, we can't wait to see you.




Thursday - Sunday 
5pm - late

Coming back soon!

Coming back soon!



Love Welcome

Trivia! - Mondays, from 7pm

Real drinks, real food, real people. No real monsters.

Idea Decanter

Video by the good people at 





1308 SE Morrison Street,

Portland, Oregon​.


Thur - Sun: 4pm - 10pm

HAPPY HOUR: Thur - Sun:  4pm - 7pm


It goes without saying but to you, our beloved friends, you are always welcome at Monsters.


You are welcome regardless of what you like to drink, what you like to eat, where you work, where you don’t work, who you love and who you don’t. You are welcome no matter what your gender, whether you identify with any of the letters L, G, B, T or Q. You are welcome if you're none of those or have a letter of your own. 


You are welcome regardless of the color of your skin or where you were born. You are welcome if you like to paint yourself from head to toe in blue paint (you know, in case you get the call), and though we'll love you slightly less, you're welcome if you don't. 


You are welcome if you have a god in your life, no matter what the name, or if your god has no name or if it isn't important to you. You are welcome in a burka, habit, or dressed up like that dude in the helmet from those space movies that stole James Earl Jones' voice.


Nobody opens a bar to make a quick buck. We built There Be Monsters because we wanted a place where we could hang out and be ourselves. That seems more important now than it ever has. Our bar, like so many of the incredible bars and restaurants that litter our beautiful city, is built on love and respect. 


No matter who is sitting in the White House, no matter what offensive, legislative proposals travel down the wire, at Monsters we want you to be yourselves. We want you to be able to put the craziness to one side and, for just the tiniest of moments, celebrate life with friends and family. Those you love and those that love you.


At Monsters love will always be welcome.
And so will you.